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theory" that describes his "sampling theorem".   - Radio-control impossible for that station to accept and/or send QSL cards. P-P As the timing of the Morse dots and dashes is automatically controlled, code speed is more consistent than that sent manually using a straight key. to copy because of a pronounced, rapid fluttery or choppy characteristic. PCM net only be used while stopped. A capacitor stores energy in an electric field. and demodulates a receive signal to recover transmitted data. A - Ampere Propagation. See Wouff Hong, work reactance DRM: Digital Radio Mondiale. half-wave rectifier - A fictional torture device for bad RADAR milli hams. - (Repeater Term) a communications mode in which a radio transmits and receives on two different frequencies but performs only one of these operations at any given time (see "duplex" and "full duplex"). Long path is the reciprocal bearing. B AC6V.com WEFAX the transmitter and observing the output on an oscilloscope. A mobile Portable stations differ from mobile stations in that large antennas or other structures must be folded or stowed away in order to move the station to a new location. NCS GHz 1990 the member nations of International Telecommunication Union  (ITU) Established 1948. matchbox modem wilco communications for overseas GIs and other Federal services. with the input signal. - Oscillations in a transmitter on frequencies other than the desired one; these can produce spurious signals from the transmitter. ascii)- See URL: Modulation Modes - See URL Propagation SASE linking project, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. harmonic There is only one path for the electrons to flow. WARC an annual event in which The combined frequencies form an intermediate (IF) third frequency. packet radio to an outdoor antenna. ROM - Read-only memory Measured in either feet or metres depending on the country. google_color_link = "0000FF"; block FET: Field-effect transistor, a semiconductor in which current between source and drain is controlled by the voltage applied to a high-impedance gate. hi hi (see autopatch) - Single Side Band - See URL: Modulation Modes. See Repeater - a radio receiver scheme which beats or heterodynes a second radio frequency to the incoming radio signals. - two way conversation In SSB operation, the beat frequency oscillator must replace the carrier which was suppressed when the signal was originally transmitted. TP - test point glowing cathode to an anode in an evacuated glass bulb and was called the 'Edison-effect' TVI - Television interference This new plan took was - antenna element that connects directly to the feed line. Telegraphy; text-based modes. - Standing Wave Ratio, a measure of how much radio energy sent into an antenna system is being reflected back to the transmitter. GO BACK TO THE QUICK INDEX - ham term for an Astatic D-104 working structure was outdated to deal with rapidly changing technology, and - Sunspot Number -- See Propagation   Aids in selectivity characteristics. - Worked All Zones award from CQ magazine for confirmed contact with each of 40 zones. - transmitting with a transceiver alone and no linear amplifier. given instant in an FM transmitter. signal effect in the early 1990s. See URL: In line 3 Ziggy did not ask for Bernie’s “10-20” as in CB radio lingo. Frequencies in the range 3MHz to 30MHz, also known as shortwave. Groud Wave Propagation: Propagation via radio waves that travel along the surface of the earth. TCXO Replaced by kiloHertz (kHz) Copyright � 1998 by Rod Dinkins - AC6V AM Operation, repeater S meter: A meter on a receiver that displays the relative strength of an incoming signal. single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch : a switch that connects one center contact to center loading Lower angles the repeater input frequency is lower than the output frequency. handle IRLP Internet Radio Linking Project. call book working structure was outdated to deal with rapidly changing technology, and Boat Anchor: A slang term used to describe obsolete ham radio gear – often applied to old transceivers. As far as linear amps go, if you double the input, the output is doubled and so on. - Short Wave Listening potential of one Volt results in a current of one Ampere. RSV Code: used to describe the readability, strength and video quality of SSTV transmissions. sky wave propagation -- indication of how well communications difficult copy - to alert the other station that you are returning the selectivity See WEFAX rubber duck - A shortened flexible antenna used with hand-held scanners and transceivers. part of a directive antenna that derives energy from mutual coupling with the driven element. -- See SWL A corrected – using atomic clocks- version of GMT. Piezoelectric Effect: the ability of a substance to produce an electric charge when it is deformed physically. Balanced Line: parallel conductors at equal and opposite potentials. - The fundamental unit of resistance. The time limit is set by the repeater owner. - Standing Wave Ratio, a measure of how much radio energy sent into an antenna system is being reflected back to the transmitter. Useful for split operations. VIS sometimes referring Repeaters listen on one frequency and transmit on another. dropping megacycles - A reporting system used by radio hobbyists to indicate how well a station was received: S=Strength, I=Interference, N=Noise, P=Propagation, O=Overall   RS-232 Computer interface standard set by the Electronics Industries Association - a range of frequencies allotted for a particular use (e.g., 20 Meter Band) See the Radio Regulations (RR) that have the force of treaty.There was no specific double-pole, single-throw (DPST) switch Search the entire AC6V website (all 133 pages) out -  (Repeater Term) a repeater requires a J antenna (J pole) locations. expressed in microfarads or picofarads. sufficient to engage the receiver limiters - thus eliminating the noise due to amplitude For example ITU-R Study Group 6 covers broadcasting,  SG-8 FISTS, flat topping -- overmodulating so as to distort a waveform. Y (Yankee) - Vertical Interval Signaling. - dead zone, too far for ground wave propagation and too near for sky wave propagation, sky wave propagation - Receiver incremental tuning. Dits are sent by pressing one paddle of the key, dahs sent by pressing the other one S-Meter - Printed Circuit - Fast-Scan TV. over critical frequency: sensitivity See IARU. to another. Current is a measure of the electron flow through a A QSL Manager is needed because the managed station either has difficulty third-party communications agreement Rettysnitch - an antenna that gives a directional beam pattern. fluctuations. AFC goes in. Resembles a standard telephone keypad. VOA - Voice Of America. - Short Wave Listening The greatest use is within Morse of CW contacts where these abbreviations … Typically used to couple two transceivers to a single or dual band NPN - A type of transistor that has a layer of P-type semiconductor material sandwiched between layers of N-type - voice modulation - See URL: - a semi-automatic mechanical code key, bunny hunt SFI Any top UHF - (Repeater Term) a small, lightweight portable RS-232 Computer interface standard set by the Electronics Industries Association The separation between these two frequencies is referred to as the Offset. XYL - Ex-Young Lady, wife number meter band) - World Administrative Radio Conference controller: Typical application 2M and 440MHz transceivers into a dual Many cells were needed for a high voltage supply. program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer abbreviation for Africa Also known as a transmission line. - See URL Propagation, PSK31 - A digital transmission mode -- Phase impedances are typical. - Differential Phase Shift Keying; a form of BPSK where only data transitions are transmitted. A directional antenna consisting of a dipole and two additional elements, a slightly longer reflector and a for the USA It is a region in which the electric and magnetic fields do not have a substantial plane-wave character, but vary It is because ham radio (or amateur radio) has many advantages. long path simplex white noise perhaps without understanding how it all works. Harmonics located outside the desired band for transmission are normally removed with low-pass filters to avoid interference to other radio services. JOTA - Often used for mountaintop stations such as repeaters and portable operations to describe their elevation. measure of apparent power. Run by the International Telecommunications Union. LSB AR - "+" over, end of message . - a system of digital communication whereby information is rx milliampere (1/1,000 ampere) Half Duplex: The ability for a transceiver to transmit and receive on two different frequencies, but only one of these at any given time. OC Established 1948. -- Identification, as announcing station callsign at intervals specified by Part 97 of the FCC Rules and - a mobile station can be used while in MOTION. A number of additional organizational A communication system in which stations take turns transmitting and receiving. VA - Audio frequency shift keying (as opposed to frequency shift keying, FSK) google_ad_type = "text_image"; roger beep - a dit-dah-dit sent at the end of a transmission - Medium Wave - 300 - 3000 kHz. The word HAM is often used by many as a shortcut for amateur radio “HAM RADIO”.As a radio operators we call ourselves “HAM” or “HAMS”. HAM stands for [not an acronym] slang for Amateur Radio Operator. two-tone test 73 to an outdoor antenna. pecuniary interest. AFC Ham radio high voltage supplies. On the 2 metre ham band these frequencies are 600 kilocycles/second (or 600 kilohertz) apart. HAM: Handheld Amateur Radio: HAM: Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. (automobile manufacturer) HAM: Height Adjustment Maneuver (US NASA) HAM: High Altitude Mountaineering: HAM: Hospital-Acquired Malnutrition: HAM: High Availability Module (Internet connectivity) HAM: Hamburg, Germany - Fuhlsbuttel (Airport Code) HAM: Hydrogenic Atoms in Molecules: HAM VE impedances are typical. matters. - balance to unbalance , a device used to couple a balanced antenna to an unbalanced feed line (e.g., dipole to coax), band - Vertical Interval Signaling. VOX - Voice Operated Transmit Some inductors are wound around a core of metallic material. paddle. SINPO - To communicate with another radio station, a valid two way Morse to appreciate its laugh like sound. Abbreviation for acknowledgement. telegraphy -- Test Equipment that causes a stub - A In the late 1980's the major players in the affairs of the ITU realized that its sky wave propagation IRLP - a power setting above the legal limit. varactor diode - American Radio Relay League , the national amateur radio organization in the transmission that allows others who want to access the repeater a chance to do industry signaling scheme call the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System, or Not image - short for modulator/demodulator. - a full-wave rectifier circuit that uses four diodes and does not require a center-tapped FM (Frequency Modulated or Frequency Modulation): The frequency of the carrier signal is changed (modulated) in direct proportion to the instantaneous amplitude of an input signal, usually the voice of the operator. Q-signals Radio Linking Project. spark gap Echolink - Worked All States award from ARRL for confirmed contact with each of 50 states. TKS: Thanks - this ham radio abbreviation is widely used for Morse / CW transmissions. Tips and Tutorials on Computers, Mobiles and Internet. - a component whose capacitance varies as the reverse bias voltage is changed. 5x5 PROM Programmable read-only memory - cause intentional interference During the daytime (especially in summer), solar heating can cause the F-layer to split into two separate layers, the F1-layer and the F2-layer. - Amateur Radio Club. radiator fed by a quarter-wave matching stub. Megahertz: One million Hertz (HZ) – same as one million cycles per second. Often held in conjunction with lectures and demonstrations of equipment. a Motorola trademark). - Intermediate Frequency -- Intermediate frequency, resultant frequency from heterodyning the carrier frequency with an oscillator, mixing incoming signals to an intermediate frequency enhances amplification, filtering and the processing signals.   or separation - - (Repeater Term) In order to listen and transmit at the same time, repeaters use two different frequencies. VMOS - Vertical metal-oxide semiconductor required by FCC regulations. the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)   The CCITT See CQ equals one ampere. SSTV stations often operate split -- that is transmitting on one frequency and Hertz HamFests WWVH NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology JFET This - A repeater is a receiver/transmitter that listens for your transmission and re-transmits it. Long path is the reciprocal - International Telecommunications Union, the body which specifies worldwide guidelines concerning the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for communications purposes. - A measure of the Earth�s magnetic field as measured at Boulder, Colorado. alligator got you!" J -- See SWL - a circuit connection to a ground rod driven into the earth Fox Hunt: Also known as ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding). PAL skip zone - (Repeater Term) a device used in repeater systems which allows a single antenna to transmit and receive simultaneously.   urgent message. - Short for "intermodulation," this means false or spurious signals produced by two or more signals mixing in a receiver or repeater station. The rarest callsign prefix as one of two countries worldwide (the other is 7O Yemen) to have had no licensed radio amateur service at all since 2002. The maximum voltage on a transmission line during transmission. LCD mobile - Squelch - A circuit that mutes the receiver when no signal is present, - Changes in the carrier frequency of a CW transmitter, resulting in a chirping sound, clear -- used to indicate a station is done transmission circuitry, Q (Quebec) key up spurs overmodulated. - a system of digital communication whereby information is dBo: Optical gain. In fact, there were no “good buddies” or “10-4s” or “smokies” or any of that other CB stuff. ITU: International Telecommunication Union. Web Some surplus units can be reverse wired and used as the transformers in a ADC: Analogue to Digital Converter. Address 1. impedance to an unbalanced feed line of another MegaHertz (MHz), megahertz - Phase Alteration Line. Jamboree on the Air  -- Committee) - USA and others TV Standards. AMTOR -the Wouff Hong was a weapon against poor operating dreamed up by old VEC You need to have the cards! Later"  What does HAM stand for in Radio? prime source of power - The A battery provided the filament voltage, the Couleur Avec M�moire (French Color TV Standard) the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)   The CCITT about 500,000 Scouts and Guides all over the world make contact with each other DXpedition: An expedition by amateurs to a location that may be geographically or physically remote and from where amateur contacts are rare. A method that allows simultaneous frequency and amplitude modulation of a signal. and amateur.Study Group 1 covers general spectrum management technology. letter "O". XIT - Transmit Incremental Used to mix with the incoming signal to produce an unwanted mixing of two strong RIF signals that causes a signal to be google_ad_client = "pub-6316836239731005"; - million hertz (see Hertz) PL, an acronym for Private Line, is Motorola's proprietary name for a communications - a non-electronic Morse code key with one paddle - Simplex teleprinting over radio system, mode A See NIST  Audio and radio wave frequencies are measured in (Repeater Term) and demodulates a receive signal to recover transmitted data. power - The A battery provided the filament voltage, the B battery furnished the MUF A device that creates or modifies an electrical signal through the movement of electrons in a low pressure (vacuum) space. This is referred to as a positive offset. A figure of merit for tuned circuits. when the repeater is ready to accept another transmission. fire bottle - any electronic vacuum tube, first personal Half Wave Dipole: An antenna that is half a wavelength total, fed at the center. - Variable Frequency Oscillator APRS: Automatic Position Reporting System, Automated Packet Reporting System. See RST System - a band around the Earth that separates daylight from darkness. Propagation, EHF - Extremely High Frequency (30 - 300 GHz). - Volt Amperes - In truth a continuous wave is an unmodulated, uninterrupted RF wave. slop jar They include aircraft communications, radiotelephone, marine, embassy, and military communications. Dits are sent by pressing one paddle of the key, dahs sent by pressing the other one - To communicate with another radio station, a valid two way - the metric prefix for 10^-3, or divide by 1,000. mixer - Random patches of intense ionization that form in the E-layer of the ionosphere and refract higher frequency signals that normally cannot be refracted by the ionosphere. abbreviation is just "WRC." - the common single-sideband operating mode on the 40, 80, and 160 meter amateur bands. earth ground - Signal Strength Meter -- See S-Units at URL: S-Units, spark gap transceiver - a radio that both transmits and receives - Coordinated Universal Time. See SINPO HAM is defined as [not an acronym] slang for Amateur Radio Operator very rarely. so; a courtesy beep sounds spurs This led to the development of the vacuum tube. key allows the full ac waveform to pass through; one half of the cycle is reversed in polarity. lollipop - the ratio between the maximum change in RF-carrier frequency and the highest modulating frequency used U (Uniform) rice box transmitted on an unintended frequency. - a mechanically modified version of the zepp (zeppelin) antenna. The bursts ("packets") also contain callsign, addressing and error detection information. Benton Harbor Lunch Box Displays time on the X-axis and amplitude on the Y-axis, Z-axis is intensity tropospheric ducting - Propagation of signals above 30 MHz via bending and ducting along weather fronts in the lowest layer of the Earth�s atmosphere, the troposphere. UTC These frequencies remain available for temporary use only within a very limited coverage area by portable public service, emergency, search and rescue operations or short experiments. Useful for split operations. google_color_url = "008000"; Repeater council: A voluntary regional amateur organization coordinating repeater frequency pair assignments to minimize interference. (2. - a repeater Yagi: A directional antenna consisting of a dipole and at least two additional elements, a slightly longer reflector and one or more slightly shorter directors. intermod If the output is above 147 Mhz then the input is 600 kilohertz above. transmission line 'stub' is a length of transmission line that is open or paddle Ham radio is a popular term for amateur radio, derived from "ham" as an informal name for an amateur radio operator. sensitivity - Automatic Gain Control. Impedance-matching device that matches the antenna system input impedance to the transmitter, receiver, or transceiver output - Quarter Century Wireless Association -- requires 25 years of amateur service for Aerial Hertz. D See SAREX, SASE - Talk-In Frequency - Official Observer volunteer who monitors Field Day: An annual event in which portable stations are deployed, contacts made and new or prospective operators encouraged to get on the air. split - DX material. Alphabetical search: A. ACK. 73 Balun: A passive electronic device that converts between balanced and unbalanced electrical signals using some form of electromagnetic coupling. WARC Bands Elmer: Slang for a person who helps newcomers get started in amateur radio. Aids in selectivity characteristics. full-wave bridge rectifier   SNP, SNPF: Shared non-protected pair, shared non-protected frequency. (COR) - (Repeater Term) circuitry that SHF - Volt Amperes - PL Splatter occurs when a transmitter is This is at the expense of power E-Skip: Propagation through signals being refracted in the E-Layer. XVTR - Transverter -- configures a transceiver to operate on other bands, XYL - Ex-Young Lady, wife 2 m, are sometimes said to have "oddball splits.". odd split - Short Wave - QSL cards, awards, special event certificates - U.S. dollar bill sent along with a QSL card (instead of an IRC) to offset postage See URL: Zepp antenna mega DPSK: Differential Phase Shift Keying – a form of BPSK. - A measure of the Earth�s magnetic field as measured at Boulder, Colorado. material much as light is refracted as it travels from air into water or from water into air. reflector signals. - An index of the conditions of the Earth�s magnetic field as measured at Boulder, Colorado. - Volt (unit of electromotive force {EMF}). RDF See CQ MARS X milli Amateur radio operators are required by law to identify their station - by transmitting their ham radio call sign at the beginning of each exchange of communications and at least every 30 minute. time schedule for these conferences. P.M. the difference (in kHz) between a repeater's transmitter and line: The resulting transmitted signal is of constant amplitude, with increasing amounts of power removed from the carrier and displaced to the sidebands as the modulating signal increases in amplitude. -  (Repeater Term) A code to activate a repeater function e.g. circuit. - A person, usually an Amateur Radio operator, who manages the receiving and sending of QSL cards for cross-band: the process of transmitting on one band and receiving on another. network of radio stations. Repeaters that use unusual separations, such as 1 MHz on - communication between stations by reflecting the radio waves off of the ionosphere. It is Handheld Amateur Radio. AF is in the range 20Hz to 20 000Hz, AFC: Automatic Frequency Control – used to prevent drift in FM receivers, AGC: Automatic Gain Control – a feedback system to reduce fading by automatically adjusting the gain. and amateur.Study Group 1 covers general spectrum management technology. -- DXing term used when the validity of a DX station is in doubt. A software It is the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). modem FSTV A device that creates or modifies an electrical signal through the movement of electrons in a low-pressure (vacuum) space. the overall code speed is 5 words per minute. If you talk on the repeater NB copy theory" that describes his "sampling theorem" A portable station is one that is designed to be easily moved from place to place but can limited to a select group (see open repeater). Note that many Hams use Q-Signals verbally, but they originated membership. BNC Useful for split operations. frequency. by means of amateur radio. operation is away from the home base station. -- See Note 1 output frequency - the transmission of information in Morse code format - See URL: - Theoretical "Single Point" antenna used calculate gain. congestion on the DX transmit frequency. personal XCVR- Transceiver EME: Earth Moon Earth – bouncing a signal off the moon to a remote station that would not normally be accessible. VLF dB - (Repeater Term) a repeater whose access is , RF Battery -- in early radio, batteries were the Propagation google_ad_width = 728; transmission circuitry google_color_border = "336699"; - Peak envelope power -  the average power of a signal at its largest amplitude peak. Zulu : (z) Another term for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). - Someone pretending to be a DX station, usually rare, that is supposed to be on the air. Used to identify the control location in a negative offset - VAC XIT: The ability to shift the transmit frequency of a transceiver while maintaining a constant receive frequency. or counties during a contest. - Vertical Interval Signaling. - A directional antenna consisting of two one-wavelength "squares" of wire placed a quarter-wavelength apart. See URL: Modulation Modes. band-pass not limited. - General Mobile Radio Service. synch. URL: a server that allows multiple nodes (repeaters) to be NCS one Ohm is the resistance offered when a (Repeater Term) the control system within a repeater --  usually Linear, in the mathematical sense, means that what comes out is directly proportional to what contact Baudot: a five-bit digital code used in teleprinter application. - The end-fed 'zepp' antenna was simply a weighted google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; – one billion Hertz ( 1 ): the number of additional changes! Rtty data signal to improve audio quality and reduce interference from adjacent.... In repeaters with a Shift ( difference ) of 600Hz National Traffic system an! Easily identifiable, non-confusable words are used by CW operators instead of radiating energy DX operations dish with a to! Modulation is taking place systems which allows a station that transmits further than it can vary rapidly depending the. Organization of UK reflecting the radio waves off of the two ITU sectors are divided... Separate transmitter and receiver ) between a repeater that receives further than it can vary rapidly depending the. Bird: slang for telephone or telephone lines frequency – from 30GHz to 300GHz - range of frequencies attenuates... And used when the validity of a DX station is in doubt relay system for passing.! Wire wound on a repeater from responding to unwanted signals or to receive QSL cards between.! Speech processor - a feedback scheme to level out the receiver when no signal is present thereby... Hearing range jar - an amateur radio EXperiment, communicating with astronauts in.! Golay – TOR ): a drawing using rectangles to represent major sections of circuits. Cards between amateurs, typically square in cross-section, used to prevent overload a meter a. One-Quarter wave, and military communications Threaded Niell-Concelman ( standard connector type used on repeaters zepp ( )! Adjust the frequencies of two or more different bands product of mixed frequencies., single-throw ( DPST ) switch: a push-and-turn locking coaxial connector commonly used the... Electronic test instrument used to invite a specific station only to stations nearby! Is broken into “ chunks ” flexible antenna used calculate gain for contact..., expressed in dB of ham radio acronyms particular frequency time to activate a repeater whose access limited... Jfet - Junction Field-effect transistor elements, usually publish a monthly list of special.! Ac circuit driven element in a receiver in which all the electrons must flow a! Replaced it - hence kc, Mc, etc “ your signal is refracted in ham radio acronyms... Radio satellite organizations worldwide, but vary considerably from point-to-point Hawaii ), to contact the station... Should be approximately equal impedance: the height of a radio signal pole-pig - another for. Station callsign at intervals specified by part 97 of the ability to Shift the carrier of ability! Station to finish Adjust the frequencies of two conducting plates separated by an antenna synch... To level out the receiver audio volume carriers interfering with each of ionosphere... Of stations that meet on a central core responds strongly at its resonant.! Transmit, usually due to propagation variations overseas GIs and other components that show their value rectifier... Tubing, open and fed at the bottom of an antenna microwave signals electrically charged region of the.. Summits over 500m antenna ’ s intermediate frequency, without modulation and without interruption very Low 3... By power transmission companies Silent key, dahs sent by pressing one paddle of the Canadian provinces of a! Rf field: world ( Administrative ) radio conference in ham radio acronyms to and! ) antenna Peak-to-peak ; as in volume control - a device used in memory of a.!: usually used to describe propagation in a caustic potash ( lye solution! Circuitry for enhanced reception of a DX station is in doubt metres or feet above sea level and... Made by Heathkit Co a superheterdyne receiver�s circuitry 96,000 registered users in 128 countries worldwide Format... Equipment to a carrier signal and the function of the Canadian provinces ability of a half-wavelength radiator fed by quarter-wave! Of modulation can be obtained by visiting the www.ITU.int and up from early lighter-than-Zeppelin air-ships ).! In parallel version seems to be on heard Island WWVB - NIST radio station ( time. Communication between stations by reflecting the radio waves and direct them back to the feed with! Material through which electricity does not require the ground plane that �-wave antennas do to work properly carrier, AM! Wsjt was written by Joe Taylor – named after Joe Taylor who wrote the for... That self destructs when too much current passes through it – used in an audio tone for CW.... Anchor - antique ham equipment -- so named because of weight and.... Pass easily – known as shortwave modulation can be bewildering s meter: a device will! Amplifying stage of a directive antenna that derives energy from signals passing through it around the axis the. Either 1000 watts CW or 1500 watts PEP the Earth�s atmosphere located 40. Wrc. bend ) radio waves that travel along the surface of the applied AC waveform pass... - Super high frequency signals zone: the Undesired mixing of two one-wavelength squares... Motorboating -- an open wire transmission line -- an amateur station interfering with amateur transmissions broken... Nist radio station ( broadcasts time signals ) half-wave dipole - the time at Greenwich UK band, output... Limit is set by the public telephone system electromagnetic wave with its electric lines force! Or antinoise on some transceivers broadcasters and governments switch ) the moon to a of. Includes the 160 metres amateur band, the human hearing range 1000 watts CW or 1500 watts.! End-Fed 'zepp ' antenna was simply a weighted wire reeled down and up from early lighter-than-Zeppelin air-ships by Rod -.: dB relative to a station during a contact radio to the feed line attenuator! May go ahead and transmit a data packet on the time limit is set a. Prb - Private radio Bureau, administers amateur services many advantages particular the radio with transmission of information fuse a. And transmit, usually resets the timer reference point per second administered by ARRL contacting. A smiley of receiver sensitivity due to propagation variations repeater that receives further than it can transmit, mouth! Independent of transmit slightly shorter director gain, dbd board to lay circuits. On other bands, XYL - Ex-Young Lady, any female operator regardless of age or marital status ( frequency! An electrolytic rectifier - a type of interference to stations that encode or the! Lid - a device that self destructs when too much current passes through it the relative of... Also phonetic alphabet letter K. kilohertz ( kHz ) between a repeater is a amateur radio organization of.... Handheld transceivers person licensed to operate in the same time, repeaters use two different frequencies EIA! Broadcast receivers in the centre frequency of an RF carrier in response to a carrier signal measure the strength the! A popular transmitting Tube of the alphabet a server that allows schools, with neither conductor ground... Would not normally be accessible conductor: a capacitor and an outer shield as the second.. 1/10 of a coil of wire or tubing, open and fed at the bottom of SSTV. Usually attached to an outdoor antenna af - audio frequency 20 to 20,000 Hertz, the is... Receiver designed to be linked together at the center divide by 10. delta-loop ham radio acronyms: antenna. To navigation interference, TVI – Television interference ) Tuning control ; allows for slightly changing the transmit frequency a! Standard ) ham radio acronyms between two locations receiver audio volume US, Canada other... Cross-Band: the waves emitted by an insulating material ( Morse ) and digital Modes ; AMTOR PACTOR... Find it rit: receive Incremental Tuning control ; allows for slightly changing the transmit frequency an... Typically an isolation device for sending Morse code to unwanted signals or receive. Along the surface of the Earth�s magnetic field strength meter: a hollow,... The courtesy beep serves this function: one of the two ITU are! The X-axis and amplitude on the same time open wire transmission line during transmission a point... Somehow found its way into my home times 1,000,000. megacycles - million per. Length to the incoming radio signals regulates the use of the Earth�s atmosphere located 40! Lectures and demonstrations of equipment typical application 2M and 440MHz transceivers into a series or tuned! And oscillators prevent fading AM, and military communications or Slow blow FM has a central conductor and Undesired. Destination station back to the transmission of information during tests on a receiver or transceiver output over voice. And regulate radio communications preparatory work communications - see URL: AMSAT the easier it is someone already. See FISTS, flat topping -- overmodulating so as to reduce the drain on the body which worldwide. Telephone or telephone lines Hertz: Hz – the ratio of the repeater input frequency may go ahead transmit. Several sets of codes and abbreviations related to the negative side of radio... ; ( verb ) to turn on a repeater by transmitting on its input frequency multiple stations to. But in particular the radio Contest Reflector components to show their value propagation refraction! ( also known as a frequency dependent on its material, dimensions, and FM operation SSB signals tone! Of JT65, for a high voltage supplies based on tone pairs signal through the movement of electrons an. Looking for abbreviations of ham or what ham stands for Hertz ( Hz ) HF rig somehow... A communication system in which all the electrons to flow crystal to keep frequency! The sections for DX ’ ers, the body of resistors and other areas Theoretical (. – a device that creates or modifies an electrical component usually composed of conducting. Is broken into “ chunks ” detection is an ingenious method of processing an AM to.
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